The Digital Wine's Ecosystem

Grapes Chain is the platform that offers tailored services for wineries, retailers and consumers, enhancing the identity and production path of each wine.

Our communication channels generate beneficial business synergies and promote conscious and sustainable consumption.

What user are you?


Businesses that market one or more wines under their own brand name may register with Grapes Chain as a Winery


All people who buy bottles of wine for private consumption can register with Grapes Chain as a Consumer


Companies that distribute wholesale or retail wines from Wineries can register with Grapes Chain as a Reseller

Our users

Thanks to Grapes Chain, all players in the wine world can share their work and passion based on certified information, valuable communication, and a convenient business tool

Our platform triggers a virtuous economic circle that digitally repurposes the experience of a real visit to a winery or wine shop

The problems in the online wine world

Companies waste time and money to increase and improve their online visibility.

Consumers are misled and spend money to buy products whose characteristics they do not know.

Lack of verified information, good communication channels, product guarantees and reliable business tools prevent the online wine market from developing cleanly, transparently and safely.

The problems of businesses and consumers:

The solutions and services of Grapes Chain

Our team has found concrete answers to the problems of the online wine market.

A range of services tailored to all types of users has therefore been developed to meet every need.

Blockchain and NFT in the service of wine

Grapes Chain Wine ID allows wineries to self-certify the production chain of their wines to ensure data security and transparency through a proprietary blockchain solution dedicated to the wine world.

Grapes Chain has theorized and is developing the integration of a new NFT technology that meets the diverse needs of users.

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