Blockchain e NFT al servizio del vino

Blockchain as a certification tool for the wine supply chain

The blockchain is an emerging technology based on a distributed (i.e., shared within a network composed of numerous computers) and decentralized (i.e., without a potentially corruptible central controlling authority) digital ledger that allows data and transactions of various kinds to be certified and validated in an immutable, permanent and secure manner, thanks to a specific consensus mechanism.

Among its many applications, blockchain has proven to be useful and functional in certifying production and distribution chains. The food and wine world is particularly well suited to benefit from these new technologies, which provide transparency, safety, traceability and disintermediation of data related to every step of a production pathway.

Our technology partners at FlossLab (NetService Group) are national leaders in blockchain computing services. Grapes Chain’s unique technology is based on the innovative b-Supply certification solution and related Etherna blockchain, designed and implemented by FlossLab.

Cellar Registration and GC Digital Passport

Upon registration, each winery is given an alphanumeric reference code-known as the Grapes Chain Digital Passport-that will then be used to identify the winery within the blockchain registry

Initiating the certification process of the wine supply chain

The wine production process begins with the grape harvest, which usually takes place in the period between early and late September and affects all wineries. From that moment, references to the dates and locations of the harvest are entered into the Grapes Chain blockchain and the certification process is considered to have begun

Development and completion of the certification process

After the second stage, called "pressing," each type of wine corresponds to a specific sequence of stages, with different characteristics and production methods. With Grapes Chain, wineries can certify every wine they produce, validating the entire production process from the day the grapes are harvested to the day the bottles are put on the market

Grapes Chain
Wine ID

GC Wine ID is the main service of Grapes Chain and is the result of the wineries’ wine certification process. It is both a means of certification and a communication tool that gives value to the wineries and wines they produce and promote on the portal.

At the end of the certification process, the GC Wine ID is completed with photographs of each stage of production and posted on the winery’s profile, along with data on the data sheet. In this way, retailers and consumers will be able to know the history of each wine from the wineries, obtaining guarantees of authenticity, originality and quality.

The Grapes Chain Wine ID is issued to wineries in the form of an NFT token, a digital token that embodies and represents these values.

Value your winery and your wines with our innovative certification and communication tools!

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