The Authentic Wine Ecosystem

Discover the world of wine as you have not seen it! Grapes Chain offers you verified knowledge, contacts with certified wineries, and a unique quality wine buying experience!

What is Grapes Chain?


Community composed of wineries, retailers and consumers in the name of protecting wine values


Digital environment that enables users to carry out buying and selling (B2C) and supply (B2B) transactions easily and securely

System of

Instrument aimed at certifying the wine production chain of wineries using blockchain technology

Our services

The Grapes Chain ecosystem provides consumers with a range of personalized services to inform, entertain and purchase certified wines, enhancing the values of authenticity, originality and quality



Tool that allows consumers to verify the production chain of wines reviewed on the portal


Digital showcase

A space that presents a winery’s history, values and products in a comprehensive and engaging way

Customized vignette

Original and effective content, the vignette is an artistic communication product that offers consumers a sympathetic and humorous image about the history of a winery or wine shop

Sommelier's Report

A presentation of wines by certified sommeliers to accompany consumers in their discovery of a label and their choice of purchase


Consumer marketplace

Grapes Chain’s business tool connects wineries and their consumers, with an excellent user experience

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