What is Grapes Chain?


Community composed of wineries, retailers and consumers in the name of protecting wine values


Digital environment that enables users to carry out buying and selling (B2C) and supply (B2B) transactions easily and securely

System of

Instrument aimed at certifying the wine production chain of wineries using blockchain technology

A Unique Network

A valuable network that brings together Wineries, Retailers and Consumers in the name of wine authenticity, originality and quality

A participatory social platform that promotes wine appellations by enhancing the production method of member wineries

A portal that offers its users a personalized profile to better communicate their values and easily interact with one another

An Innovative Marketplace

A tailored marketplace aimed at promoting individual farms that produce wines whose production journey is told, creating new synergies with retailers and consumers

A safe and convenient business tool that directly connects producers and customers, enabling them to sell and buy wines on advantageous economic terms

A digital ecosystem involving all economic actors in the wine supply chain, including the Protection Consortia, in order to create a secure and transparent business environment

A Certification System

A tool that enables wineries to certify the production chain of their wines through the use of blockchain technology (NFT), ensuring the certainty, transparency and immutability of traceability data

An innovative system for certifying retailers (importers, restaurants, bars, wine bars, clubs, large-scale retail trade, etc.) that certifies their supply of at least one wine produced by a winery affiliated with the portal

A means, available to retailers and consumers, to be able to verify the authenticity and quality of wines from certified farms

The Grapes Chain ecosystem was born from the virtuous and dynamic union between three mutually independent economic sectors, resulting in a transparent and secure digital winery

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