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Revolutionize your wine shop's business opportunities with Grapes Chain and its innovative communication, certification and digital commerce tools!

What is Grapes Chain?


  • Una piattaforma partecipativa che vi permette di valorizzare la vostra enoteca facendola conoscere a nuovi potenziali clienti
  • A participatory platform that allows you to enhance your winery and introduce it to new people as if they were visiting it live

  • In the Grapes Chain ecosystem, your wine store virtually welcomes our users, who can discover and purchase wines from your catalog

  • We provide you with a number of tailored communication services to give visibility to your wine shop’s image and make you better interact with our community

System of

  • Grapes Chain’s main service for Retailers is the Grapes Chain Wine ID, a tool that allows wine shops like yours both to obtain guarantees about the authenticity and traceability of wines reviewed in the ecosystem and to offer the same guarantees to your customers
  • To make a GC Wine ID we use blockchain technology, which allows each stage of the production chain to be recorded in an unchangeable digital repository

  • With the Grapes Chain Wine ID, wine shops equip themselves with a powerful communication tool that enhances both the value of the wines in their catalog and the transparency and legality of their working methods


  • Our original communication and certification tools allow you to expand your business relationships and increase your wine shop’s sales

  • Get directly in touch not only with end consumers, but also with wineries and other professionals, offering you new growth prospects on both b2c and b2b levels

  • Get directly in touch not only with end consumers, but also with wineries and other professionals, offering you new growth prospects on both b2c and b2b levels

Our services

The Grapes Chain ecosystem provides several customized services to wine shops and retailers interested in improving their market positioning in relation to the following areas:



Tool that allows wineries to self-certify the production chain of their appellation wines using blockchain technologies


Digital showcase

A customized, high-visibility space, a true digital showcase in which to promote the wines in your catalog and the values of your wine shop

Sommelier's Report

Detailed presentation of one or more wines produced by a winery, made by a certified sommelier

Customized vignette

Original and effective content, the vignette is a tailored artistic communication product produced by our WinePills partners

Corporate video

Professional and striking videos made by established production companies


Consumer marketplace

Grapes Chain’s business tool connects wineries, wine shops and their consumers, with an excellent user experience

Reseller marketplace

Wine shops and retailers have the opportunity to conclude supply contracts with enrolled wineries directly on the platform, in a secure, simple and intuitive way

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